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Adopt a Pet


You can view our pets on www.PetFinder.com.  We will be posting pets shortly on this home page with stories and the latest news.

We don't do on-the-spot adoptions
because we want to make sure that our pets
are compatible with adoptive families.
Click here to download 
an adoption application.

Also scroll down this page to see our Pet Posting Board
where we feature other pets that we are trying to help.
Pets on the Pet Posting Board are NOT our foster system
but they would still make fine additions to your family
and they do not require payment of an adoption fee.  We keep postings up for a maximum of three months.

  Are YOU and your family ready to save a pet's life? 
                        If so, please contact us.                         

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Senior citizens and Veterans always receive
a 25% discount from our adoption fee.
Please contact us for more details!

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All pets currently available for adoption from our rescue
are shown on our Petfinder pages.
Dogs and cats are included in the same list.
(Click here to see our available pets.)

If you see a pet that you would like to bring into your family,
please call us
or download, complete, and send us an adoption application.
(Click here to download an adoption application.)

 Our Pet Adoption Principles

We are not a first-come-first-served source of adoptable pets and we do not do on-the-spot adoptions. We screen all prospective adoptive families for suitability before we will release one of our pets for adoption. We do not consider adoption requests until we receive completed, written adoption applications. We often receive numerous applications on individual pets. We then work to choose the best fit between adoptive families and pets, keeping the needs of the pet foremost in our minds. We always require a home visit with prospective adoptive families prior to final approval and release of a pet. We try to limit our travel time for home visits to a two-hour driving range (about 75 miles) from Morganton, NC.

Any of our adoptable pets that are more than six months old will have been spayed or neutered prior to their release for adoption. When we release one of our pets for adoption, all of its vaccinations and worming treatments will be up-to-date and it will be current on preventive medications. All of our pets come with health guarantees from our veterinarian.

We do not allow spaying or neutering of our rescued pets until they are at least six months old. We require that, if you adopt one of our animals that is less than six months old, you agree to have the procedure done shortly after the pet reaches six months of age, you sign a spay/neuter contract and you leave a refundable $100.00 deposit with us. We will return that deposit to you when we receive proof that the spay/neuter procedure has been completed.

We will pay the expense of the spay/neuter procedure if it is done at our veterinarian’s office. If you choose to have the spay/neuter procedure done by your own veterinarian, the expense will be your responsibility. You can then fax or email us proof of spaying/neutering from your veterinarian to receive your refund.

We offer 25% discounts on the adoption fee to senior citizens and to active, reserve, separated or retired veterans.

Please direct any questions you may have about adopting one of our available pets to our Adoption Director, Donna Street, at



In this section of our site you will find notices about other pets that need homes. These pets are NOT being offered for adoption by our organization, but we still want to help their owners to find permanent homes for them. If you are interested in any of the pets shown on the "Pet Posting Board," we've included phone numbers and contact information so that you can make contact directly with their owners. Alternatively, you may contact them through us. We wish we could take them all in, but our capacity is limited. Our "Pet Posting Board" at least provides some help. Please note, however, that we do not verify any details about these pets. We rely solely on the accuracy of their owners' communication with us. Since these pets are not being offered for adoption by our organization, we cannot be responsible for any adoptions or direct dealings that you may have with owners of pets listed here. Our only purpose here is to assist you to communicate with the owners.


Please send an e-mail to
ABetterLifeAR@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these animals and we will assist you in contacting the appropriate owner.


Please check for available pets on our Petfinder site, linked at the top of this page. Thank you.


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